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Friday, December 2, 2011

//// A note from Gerard Pefung on his fundraising campaign ////

//// A note from Gerard Pefung on his fundraising campaign ////

// The Goal:
My creative challenge is to make 200 pieces of artwork while simultaneously raising $20,000 from sale of this work in 100 days. The money raised will support local and international projects I'm working on.

// The Local Program:
Providing organizations with access to art programs that work with kids in homeless shelters or those with behavior problems. The idea is to utilize basic art principles like color and lines as a metaphoric catalyst to understanding ones emotions and promoting self-confidence and self-expression. I believe that if you have a better understanding of your emotions, feel confident about yourself, you will be better suited to achieve, accomplish and have better control on life’s unpredictable situations, making smarter life-choices period.

// The African Program:
I'll be returning to my homeland in Cameroon, Africa to not only visit family, but to work with the Cameroonian government and people via the US embassy to bring about a positive change to society.

Compared to other African countries, Cameroon enjoys political and social stability but it still faces many of the serious problems confronting underdeveloped nations. Although a presumably democratic country, it has had the same government/president since 1982, a government who recurrently infringes upon people’s rights and liberties. Discrimination against women, homosexuals and indigenous peoples is pervasive. There is virtually no distinction between the CPDM party (the current ruling party) and the Cameroonian Government. This same government employs tactics of patronage and intimidation to limit political debate. Similarly, the rights to assemble and of association are often curtailed according to ideology and political alignment. Reports of torture, excessive force, unlawful arrests and detention, and unlawful killings by police and security forces persist. The purpose of this project is to start a dialogue that can bring about a change.

Cameroon is a small country in the west coast of Africa with a very colorful culture and breath taking geological features. It can be described as “Africa in a miniature.” Sitting on the Atlantic Ocean, you can find black and white sandy beaches, volcanic erupting mountains, waterfalls, rainforest, savannas deserts and high plateaus. Wildlife includes elephants, leopards, giraffes, Lions, gazelles, water buffalos just a diverse species of birds, animals and plants, and some of them are endangered or only found in Cameroon. English and French is spoken everywhere but there are over 200 ethnic groups, each having its own language or way of expression. Popular music styles include makossa and bikutsi, but hip-hop is growing among most youths. Cameroon is probably best for its outstanding performance in soccer and has produced some of the greatest players to ever play the sport.

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