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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Painting in New York

So my friend Dieartz986 invited me to show in a show in Long Island, New York. The trip to NYC turned into an experience. It all started in Omaha when we missed our flight and had to pay a fee to get on the next flight. Got to NYC found out the paintings we shipped had not arrived, this was on the day of the show. So we rushed to the art supply store grabed a bunch of supplies, found a spot behind the store but only had three hours to the show. We bust our asses finished the paintings, framed them, called a taxi got there in time for the show. When we got there the organizers were not happy with us not even interested in seeing what we had. When they finally saw what we had they were blown away so we were back in the show and got a spot on the live-art. During live-art we blow them away some more and thats when we got the contact information for the fellow to talk for painting at 5pointz (the graffiti Mecca). On the day we painted at 5pointz we only had three hours before our flight back to Omaha, somehow we beat all odds and managed to pull it off. Here are some photos of the trip... Special thanks to Reme and Phetus for hosting us.

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